The Maldives deliver on the promise of Eden.

This small tropical nation composed of 26 coral atolls nestled in the Indian Ocean is impossibly beautiful. With its white sand beaches, dazzling turquoise waters and temperate climate it’s easy to see why the Maldives is often at the top of the list of honeymoon destinations

For those looking for a tranquil tropical escape – the kind of holiday where you can spend your time lounging on a banana chair beneath swaying palm trees, the Maldives won’t disappoint. As for accommodation options, you’ll be spoilt for choice with 90 resort islands to choose from.

If you can manage to tear your eyes away from the stunning views from your banana lounge on the beach, there are plenty of attractions to see. Naturally, the Maldives are a hot spot for divers with extensive coral reefs and blue lagoons just waiting to be explored. The water is so warm you won’t even need to pack your wetsuit.

There’s also the opportunity to tick an item off your bucket list and go diving with the whale sharks. Swimming alongside these gentle giants of the sea is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Those who dare can also dive with hammerhead sharks at Hammerhead Point. Keen to catch a wave? The Maldives also boasts plenty of great surf spots and has become a well-loved destination by surfers all over the world.

It’s worth adding a trip to the nation’s capital Malé to your holiday itinerary. Here you’ll get a glimpse of what life is like away from the resorts (the city is slightly less laid-back). Browse the local markets, and take in the sights of the Grand Friday Mosque and Old Friday Mosque. If you’re interested in finding out more about the rich history of the country, visit the National Museum in Malé.

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