The Galàpagos of the Indian Ocean.

Imagine an archipelago of 115 islands each more beautiful than the next – welcome to the tropical paradise of the Seychelles. Situated off the coast of East Africa, Seychelles boasts azure waters, white sand beaches and coral reefs and nature reserves. It’s a country with an intriguing past. Anse Forbans on the island of Mahé was once a pirate base. Rumour has it hidden treasures remain unfound on the island…

Legends aside, Mahé is also home the the capital Victoria. It may be the smallest capital city in the world, but there’s still plenty to see and explore starting with the bustling Victoria Market.

Much like Madagascar, the Seychelles have an incredibly unique ecosystem with many endemic flora and fauna. Many of the islands are nature reserves, in fact, almost half the landmass is occupied by National Parks or reserves which goes to show how seriously the people of Seychelles take the conservation of their beautiful country.

The natural beauty of Seychelles has attracted many of the rich and famous to its shores and it’s still a favourite location for A-listers looking for total relaxation thanks to the secluded luxury resorts. Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge spent their honeymoon on the North Island of Seychelles in 2011.

If you’re looking to recreate your own escape worthy of royalty, we suggest a stay at Le Domaine de l’Orangerie on the island of la Digue. You’ll find postcard-worthy vistas from every angle of this resort. La Digue is also slightly less touristy that the island of Mahé and better suited for those looking for a relaxing romantic escape than those after adventure.

Naturally, the islands of Seychelles are a divers paradise and there are just as many unique and exciting creatures to see below the crystal clear waters as above.

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